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About Us

A Little About Ourselves

Originally set up to help rescues and potential adopters to come together, after seeing how badly dogs were treated in Cyprus, Romania, Spain and other places.

We now reserve dogs from kill stations, abusive situations, neglected ones and get them to a safe place ready to travel to the UK and into their forever homes. We try and help dogs from horrific situations, Dogs that are overlooked, older dogs, Disabled. EVERY LIFE IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. We pride ourselves on the personal touch.

Always at the end of the phone 24/7. Full back up rescue.

All our dogs that we rescue have a story to tell. So we tell it. We are their voice….

Why Rescue From Abroad?

We rescue from abroad because these animals have no chance. They have no hope of ever being adopted, of ever living in a home, of ever being loved. If you love dogs then you shouldn’t only love dogs from ‘your own country’. We want to help all dogs from all places.

Where do the dogs come from?

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