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Return Policy

  • ‘From Foster to Forever’ pay all the costs for rescue, transport, Kennel Fees, Veterinary Fees, passport and micro-chipping and also provide full support with any settling in problems again at no cost to the adopter, with this in mind we have to operate a strict NO REFUND policy as the adoption fee is used to fund additional rescues.
  • If however the dog does not suit you and your family then FFTF will be willing to discuss the issue further and support you in re homing if necessary. Please be aware FFTF may not have the facilities to take your dog into care straight away. So you may have to give us time to find a spot in a suitable foster home.
  • Our main priority is to match the right dog with the right home. It is never ideal for a dog to be sent back to us as this makes the dog very unsettled, which can lead to a difficult re-homing.
  • Once you have adopted the dog we will keep in contact with you and we welcome progress feedback at anytime. We will always be available to you and your new family member.

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