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Adoption Process

Before you contact us regarding adoption of any of our dogs please ensure you have done your homework by reading all the information on our website (including the terms and conditions for adopters and some of our success stories).

We use fosters both locally and in Spain. If a dog is in foster in Spain we get a lot more information on the dog and we feel it is a lot more beneficial for them if they go directly to their new family rather than another foster in the UK. This means that they can be adopted before they arrive in the UK. When this is the case the process outlined below is slightly different. The main difference is having meets with the dog will not be possible and you will be collecting your new family member straight from its trip from Spain. For more information on how this works please message us.

Please have a look at the dogs we have available, check your garden is dog-secure and ensure you have discussed and agreed you are all ready to adopt a rescue dog as a family.

When any of our dogs are ready and available for adoption, we want them in their forever home as soon as possible so you will need to

· Be willing to travel to meet and collect your chosen dog

· Have safe and secure boundaries with a recommended 6ft high fence/wall

· Be able to prove permission to have dogs where you are in rented accommodation

· Have no major health issues; planned events or holidays that may impact on your ability to care for your new dog.

So if you are able to meet all of the above and have a particular dog or type you are interested the steps are as follows.

To avoid disappointment please read the dogs profiles and ensure you met the criteria for the particular dog you are interested in.

If you are confident you are ready to adopt a rescue, the first step is to complete the Pre-Adoption Form.

Once we receive your pre-adoption form it gives us information about you which allows us to make an assessment as to whether you are: a) a suitable adopter and b) a good match for your chosen dog; a member of our team will then contact you to discuss whether your family might be a good match for the dog you have enquired about or to discuss alternative similar types of dogs where your preferred dog has already been reserved or a more suitable match for your circumstances is recommended. 

*We consider things like whether the dog needs a quiet or active home, can be with children and whether they can be “only dogs” or need a fur sibling for company etc.*

The team member will then organise a home check. During the home check. The checker isn’t there to judge you, the main areas they are looking for is how secure your garden is and your family dynamic and lifestyle to help make sure we find the correct dog for you.

Next the foster family will contact you and arrange a meet. Ideally we like to have at least 1 meet in your house with the family so the foster parents can assess how the dog is in your environment. The foster parent will look at how the family interact with the dog, how existing pets interact and how the dog is in the new home. With some dogs the foster parents may want multiple meets first. 

Once this is all approved our team will contact you to go through all the final stages such as donation and paperwork. Meanwhile the foster parent will organise a final meet round your house where they will leave the dog in your care. For this to happen though you legally have to have a collar with ID tag, Slip lead and all the basic provisions needed for care for your new dog.

For inquiries, please contact us

If you would like to know more about fostering adopting or helping the rescue. 

Please click the button below or message us on our Facebook page and a member of our team will get in contact