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▪️This little lady was abandoned and found herself roaming the streets. P.E.P.A straight away found her a foster home where she is thriving. 

▪️Only a small girl and can travel in January. 

▪️She has a lovely personality gets on well with dogs big and small. 

▪️Loves to cuddle up beside you on the sofa  

▪️You can eat food on your lap and she will not attempt to greed from you. If she does you just say no and she will just lay her head down. I do not give treets when we eat. They do receive treats but not associated with our eating.   

▪️She sleeps in the sitting room with lots of other dogs big and small no problem.    

▪️She eats in the kitchen with other dogs all know there place for eating no one try’s to eat out of any ones bowl Lucy included.

▪️She is not keen on the cold when it’s dark here and you want them to go into the garden she can be a bit reluctant but goes when you insist. 

▪️She is a very loving dog and so deserves her own home”

▪️Lucy has had full laboratory blood tests including leishmaniasis and brucellosis.

Can you offer her a home to come to in the New Year?

Adoption donation applies.

Please fill in the application form in link below. ❤️

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